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Autumn 1 – Week 6

This week the children have enjoyed a variety of mark-making activities including using cars and paint to make tracks. Activities like this help children to develop their arm and wrist muscles whilst exploring different directions. We are having lots of fun doing these activities which help prepare children for writing. We are continuing to explore counting and number recognition through small group activities. The children really enjoyed posting numbered letters to the correct houses. Some children were keen to write on their own envelopes. Numbers one and three seemed to be the most popular!

Outside, children have explored the mud kitchen to make their own recipes. This involves co-operating with others to share resources, developing control of one-handed tools and using their imaginations to recreate experiences they see at home such as making porridge or ‘meat juice’ and gravy.

Please can we ask that fizzy drinks and sweets are not included in packed lunches.

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Headteacher: Miss Andrea Nuttall
Telephone: 01724 844430
Address: Lincoln Gardens, Scunthorpe, DN16 2ED