23 June – Newsletters and Golden Assembly

Digital copies of this weeks newsletters:

pdf EYFS & KS1 Newsletter
pdf KS2 Newsletter


Golden Assembly

20170623_092239 Always Club
Children were in the always club this week for always trying their best, congratulations to our winners:
Byron, Flynn, Ella, Jasmine, Shay, Finlay, Cahrlie, Adam, Riley, Arielle, Adesh,
Lexi, Harry, Edward and Cameron.
20170623_092311 Writer of the week
Awarded for spelling complicated words in his work and creating some amazing work.
20170623_092254 Mathematician
Awarded for doing some great work with graphs and heart rates.
20170623_092329 Kindness Cup
Awarded for helping others make their fish’s in their projects, even though his balloon popped. (Freddie the Fish is now on a Yellow Card!)
20170623_092430 Sport Award
Awarded for taking part in multiple sporting events including the majorettes.
20170623_092420 Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Oak 1 and Ash 2 tied with 99% attendance
KS2 winners are Elm 1 and Bay 1 tied with 99% attendance