You can contact our school Governors using the following email:

Governors perform a strategic role in holding the school to account for its performance and in raising and maintaining standards. The Governing Body has three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

In doing so, governors have responsibilities in:

  • setting the aims and objectives for the school
  • setting the policies for achieving those aimes and objectives, setting the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • monitoring and evaluating the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • being a source of challenge and support tothe headteacher (a critical friend)

Meet the Governors

Jo Drapier (Chair of Governors) - Co-opted Governor

 I have worked in the sports industry for 19 years, and am currently supporting organisations with their governance structures, and organisational health. I have been involved in number of voluntary board positions within sport, including here in Scunthorpe, at Scunthorpe Rugby Club.

I have 2 young children, with one attending Lincoln Gardens, and I wanted to get involved and share my skills at a school that I am involved in as a parent.

Education is an area that I haven’t been involved in, in a professional capacity before, but seized the opportunity to become a Governor at Lincoln Gardens. I’m learning all the time, and to be able to bring my skills from another sector into the school environment is really exciting.

I would push anybody who is interested in supporting Lincoln Gardens to Learn, Grow, Participate & Succeed to get involved as a Governor, we want people from all backgrounds and skills to get on board with us, as we want a wide and diverse set of opinions and thoughts to challenge us, to be the best school we can be for our children and community.  

Charlie Lowe (Vice Chair) - Co-opted Governor

My name is Charlie Lowe and I am your SEN Governor and Vice Chair of Governors.

I have an extensive background in supporting schools and local authorities with SEND and ensuring that children and young people have access to the best possible outcomes. My background is within teaching and SENCO and Senior Leader to then progress into local authority work as Senor Manager for SEND.

I want to give back to schools and communities as much as I possibly can, so am grateful for the opportunity Lincoln Gardens has provided to me.

Emma Doyle - Co-opted Governor

I have worked in Further Education for over 17 years, I felt the time was right to push myself out of familiar territory and utilise my experience in a way to support others in a governance role.

I am passionate about education; I have a BA (Hons) Business Degree and I know that anyone can be successful with the right driving force behind them.

The staff at Lincoln Gardens are dedicated about what they do and being a Governor provides me with the opportunity to work alongside staff to ensure the children at Lincoln Gardens gain the best experiences and opportunities to thrive.

Susan Godfrey - Local Authority Governor

Having taught English and History in Scunthorpe secondary schools and colleges I was keen to be involved with the primary sector when I retired. I was lucky enough to be appointed as LA governor at Lincoln Gardens, close to where I live. It has been fascinating to see the school develop, providing a good education for children of all abilities. Every child deserves the best start in life. Lincoln Gardens School community works hard to achieve this.

Catherine Bradley - Staff Governor

I joined Lincoln Gardens as PE Lead in April 2018. I have previously taught in several Primary and secondary schools.

An opportunity arose to join the Governing body at Lincoln Gardens, and I decided to apply for the position so that I could get a different perspective on how a school is run. I am keen to help to take the school forward and support the children, staff, parents and carers in any way that I can.

Clare Powell - Co-opted Governor

I joined the Governing body prior to the last Ofsted inspection.  With a background in retail management, teaching and business I felt that I had a number of skills and a wealth of knowledge to contribute to the Governing Body at Lincoln Gardens.  Shortly after joining the governing body, I took on the role of vice chair and later co-chair for a while.  I have been privileged to watch the school develop its leadership team and am proud of what the whole staff team and the pupils of Lincoln Gardens have achieved over the last 4/5 years.  The school were praised for the way they embraced online learning in the recent Covid 19 pandemic, and this was no surprise to me, as the team have always sought to be child centred.  Lincoln Gardens are often trail blazers and ahead of the curve when it comes to new initiatives and new requirements. 

I own and run three businesses with my husband, in the local area- the Kip McGrath Tuition centre, East Midlands Education Services ltd a specialist education provision which delivers a neuro-science reading and dyslexia programme- Cellfield and has this year also released some 11 plus resources.  Elliott Optimum Solutions ltd is a management and consultancy company which supports businesses to automate and grow.  At the heart of all of these ventures is lifelong learning and education and it is a privilege to serve the Lincoln Gardens community to grow acorns into oak trees.

I have recently been studying for a Master’s in Business Administration at Lincoln University which is almost complete and though a challenge, I’ve enjoyed learning in an academic environment again.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming, a trip to the spa, reading (I’m trying to read some fiction again now my current study is almost complete).  I am a great lover of the theatre and being entertained by our two cats Jemima and Winston.