Sports Premium

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The PE and sport premium is a predetermined amount which the government has agreed to allocate every school. The funding is used to help provide additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils.

As a school we continue to invest the funding to encourage and develop participation in a range of physical activities and sports so that children benefit from increased levels of well-being and adopt healthier lifestyles as a life-long choice. By continuing to do so, it is hoped that all children across the school will develop a love of sport and physical activity, no matter of their entry-level.

Inter-school competition also develops a sense of pride and personal achievement as individuals and team members. Additional benefits of continued investment ensure the children have an understanding of fair play, team working and a positive attitude towards one another in all sports-related endeavours.

At Lincoln Gardens Primary School we made the decision to employ the services of a qualified teacher as Sports Leader. While this is not funded through sports premium monies, we continue to ensure this is a priority in delivering sustainable outcomes in all areas provided for, by continuing to maximise the effect of investment of sports premium funding.

For more information, visit the government website.

The reports below detail how we have spent the money and the impact this has had.

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