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Golden Assembly

Always Club
Children were in the always club this week for always smiling even when the going gets tough, congratulations to our winners:
Preston, Conor, Tilly, Bella, Zack, Max, Sami, Addison, Mckenzie, Aca, Lucas, Charlie, Joe, Bradlee and Tayla
Awarded for writing an amazing account of the trip to Normanby Hall this week.
Awarded for being determined, hard working and persevering in maths even when it gets difficult.
Kindness Cup
Alexis and Caitlin
Alexis won this award for always helping others in every way in class, and Caitlin won this award for being kind to dinner staff and asking them if they are okay regularly.
Sport Award
Awarded for coming up with many inventive and creative ways to balance a beanbag on their body in balance exercises.
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Ash 2 with 98.3% attendance
KS2 winners are Oak 1 with 100% attendance