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Golden Assembly

Always Club
Children were in the always club this week for always listening, thinking and responding well, congratulations to our winners:
Leland, Tori, Adam, Oliver, Evie, Wiktoria, Jasmine, Kody, Hope, Jude, Jasmine, Lily, Lexie, Hannah and Aimee
Awarded for writing an amazing piece of poetry, including many different writing techniques.
Awarded for showing spark in maths, having a boost in confidence and doing well in tests.
Kindness Cup
Awarded for being kind and helping everyone and for putting a smile on peoples faces as often as she can.
Sport Award
Wheelchair Basketball Group
Awarded for taking part in a wheelchair basketball competition, learning the methods well and taking part well.
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Yew 2 with 98.3% attendance
KS2 winners are Fir 1 with 98.1% attendance