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Golden Assembly

Always Club
Children were in the always club this week for always trying their best, congratulations to our winners:
Jayden, Charlie, Zack, Lacey-Mai, Oliver-James, Annabel, Xzavier, Emmi, Taylor, Oliver, Dylan, Hannah, Victoria, Millie and Evie
Writer of the week
Awarded for creating a piece of persuasive writing that stood out from all of the great pieces of work in class.
Awarded for using all of her choosing time to form her numbers and learn to write them properly.
Kindness Cup
Awarded for showing extreme kindness by helping a friend who is on crutches since September, carrying their bags and helping them get around school.
Sport Award
Awarded for trying her best all of the time and never giving up.
Creative Award
Awarded for drawing an amazing sketch for world book day.
Excellent Endeavour
Ellie-Mai and Charlotte
Ellie-Mai has earned this award for completing a sponsored 5km park run for Sport Relief, and Charlotte has earned this award for being accepted to play for Barnsley FC.
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Ash 2 with 93.6% attendance
KS2 winners are Elm 3 with 93.3% attendance