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Golden Assembly

20170922_092838 Always Club
Children were in the always club this week for always trying your best, congratulations to our winners:
Ava, Emily, Olly, Edie-Jean, Alesha, Lily, Siena, Casey, Tommy,
Emily, Amber. Alex, Sophie, Kian and Jack.
20170922_092929 Writer of the week
Awarded for creating an amazing creative atmosphere within his writing.
20170922_092917 Mathematician
Awarded for completing her work and then helping her partner and others in her class.
20170922_093004 Kindness Cup
Ezmae and Jessica
Awarded for helping in breakfast club every morning and helping staff.
20170922_092942 Sport Award
Awarded for getting involved in football after not really wanting to throughout his time at school.
20170922_093018 Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Ash 2 with 99.3% attendance
KS2 winners are Fir 2 with 100% attendance