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Golden Assembly

20170915_093232 Always Club
Children were in the always club this week for always listening, thinking and responding well in class, congratulations to our winners:
Emelia, Marie, Ariana, Max, Jasmine, Kody, Jasmine, Harrison, Keelie,
Abigail, Jessica, Leon, Sidnee, Harvey and Ezmeae
20170915_093304 Writer of the week
Awarded for writing an amazing poem about Mr Twit, using fantastic adjectives and cursive script.
20170915_093253 Mathematician
Awarded for trying extremely hard in his maths and always purple polishing his work.
20170915_093350 Kindness Cup
Leah, Millie, Aaron, William and Teigan
Awarded for helping Apples and Pears at lunchtimes, giving up some of their own lunch time and never complaining about it.
20170915_093322 Sport Award
Awarded for always doing as they are told with a smile and moving somewhere else when someone was in their space.
20170915_093424 Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Yew 1 with 100% attendance
KS2 winners are Bay 1 and Oak 1 both with 100% attendance
20170915_093402 Excellent Endeavour
Hollie and Thomas
Awarded foe raising an amazing £428 so far for the Alzhiemers Society along with their family!