New Medical Notification System

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Earlier this year we wrote to inform you that we would be introducing a new on-line facility into school called ‘Medical Tracker’ to enable us to gain greater efficiencies in:

  • managing and reporting incidents requiring first-aid;
  • recording, monitoring and updating permissions to administer medicines
  • alerts for medication expiry dates
  • creating individual healthcare plans

Due to Covid-19 there has been a delay in introducing the system until this month. You will now receive an email if your child has sustained an injury and has received first aid at any point during the day or has been unwell in any way.

However, we must stress, that we will continue to contact you in person, should an illness or injury require more urgent attention. As you know, we will always take a cautious view and discuss any concerns we may have with you by telephone so that you are fully informed and can then make a decision.

We feel this is a positive move forward in improving our systems in providing and managing medical support, including first-aid at Lincoln Gardens. Should you have any queries regarding this, then please don’t hesitate to contact the school.