Out of This World Assembly

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Out Of This World Assembly​

Out Of This World
Out Of This World children have been chosen for their work in class.
Skylar, Blake, Rosie, Bella, Imogen, Brooklyn, Ruby, Alfie, Harrison, Harrison, Ryan, Caisey-Rae, Jasmine and the whole of Year 6
Awarded for having an amazing attitude to writing and making progress with the presentation of his work.
Awarded for doing fantastic work with time, going from struggling to tell the time to teaching others how to tell time in the space of a few lessons.
Kindness Cup
Awarded for going above and beyond to help a member of the public who had fallen over. He helped the member of the public back up, helped them pick their things up off of the floor while others just walked past.
Sport Award
Awarded for improving with his throwing, listenting well to techniques and making an improvement in the distance he can throw.
Creative Award
Daisie-Rae & Jake
Awarded for creating some fantastic models of Greek Temples outside of school.
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Yew 2 with 99.2% attendance
KS2 winners are Oak 1 with 100% attendance