Out of This World Assembly

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Out Of This World Assembly​

Out Of This World
Out Of This World children have been chosen for their work in class.
Lola, Max, Lilly, Charlie, Sophie, William, Olivia, Annabel, Isabelle, Ebonie-Mae, Oliver, Paule, Annabell, Brandon and Joshua
Awarded for trying hard to improve writing in all areas and include all of the criteria asked for.
Awarded for doing amazing work and then going back through and checking the work, correcting any mistakes in the process.
Kindness Cup
Awarded for being kind all of the time and being a very kind person to everyone.
Sport Award
Awarded for persevering and being determined to improve in rounders, taking part and coming on a lot throughout the games.
Creative Award
Kassidi and Jasmine
Kassidi won this award for creating an amazing house for the Great Fire of Lincoln Gardens. Jasmine won this award for creating an amazing Viking Longboat.
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Ash 1 with 96.7% attendance
KS2 winners are Oak 1 with 99% attendance