Out of This World Assembly

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Out Of This World Assembly

Out Of This World
Out Of This World children have been chosen for their work in class.
Aileen, Amelia, Alfie, Tayahh-Mae, Evie, Emily, Oliver-James, Sapphire, Xzavier, Spencer, Kayden, Katie, Bailey, Evie and Rhys
Awarded for outstanding work with expanding noun phrases, impressing many staff members.
Awarded for doubling his test scores this week, despite finding tests hard at the start of the year, showing determination and perseverance to improve.
Kindness Cup
Awarded for being kind to Miss Nuttall at young voices, showing kindness to everyone at the event and even helping other people tidy up after the group ate their food.
Sport Award
Catriona & Amy
Awarded for always trying their best and for demonstrating good teamwork and reflection to find ways they can improve.
The Golden Peg
Bay 3
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Ash 2 with 96.7% attendance
KS2 winners are Fir 2 with 98.0% attendance