Out of This World Assembly

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Out Of This World Assembly

Out Of This World
Out Of This World children have been chosen for their work in class.
Michael, Scarlett, Ruby-Ella, Grace, Ethan, Sophie, Catriona, Lily, Mckenzie, Sophie, Gabriel, Kyron, Luke, Matilda and Charlie
Awarded for persevering and trying her best, writing lots of top quality content into her fable.
Awarded for working independently at a high level with co-ordinates.
Kindness Cup
Awarded for always being kind to everyone, being supportive and a great all round friend.
Sport Award
Bay 1
Awarded for showing the most improvement and effort in Dance during PE.
Creative Award
Kody & Harry
Kody won this award for building a fantastic stone age house. Harry won this award for creating an amazing collage of Charles Darwin.
Attendance Ted
KS1 winners are Yew 2 with 98.1% attendance
KS2 winners are Oak 1 with 98.3% attendance