Parking Cars Around the School Site

As you know, we send emails to parents on a regular basis regarding parking/driving safely around our school site. Please do not park on double yellow lines or double park blocking the road; should there be a serious incident in school, emergency services may not be able to access the school site.

We have notified the local council and police regarding the concerns we have about people parking where they should not, making it unsafe for others. We have been notified of a number of incidents that took place yesterday, including a near miss. The parents that have been in touch with us are rightly concerned about where and how people park and the potential risks this creates for others, including the children that attend our school.

In order to help us with this, we would ask that you too please raise your concerns with the local council, as well as with school, in the hope that something can be done before someone is seriously injured.

You can do this by either calling North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 297000 and asking to be put through to highways or by completing the ‘Road Safety’ form via the following link (please cut and paste into your browser):

In the event that you or someone you are with may be involved in a near miss, please report this using the ‘report a near miss’ form in the following link (please cut and paste into your browser):

Please think before you park and help us to keep all who visit our school safe.

Thank you for your continued support.