Remembrance Day

To support this year’s Remembrance Day on Thursday 11 November all children and staff are invited to wear a
red top to school instead of their school shirts.

As usual, in return for the privilege, there will be an optional suggested donation of 50p which will be donated to
the Royal British Legion.

Please note that football shirts are not permitted and children must wear their school trousers/skirts and
footwear in accordance with the schools uniform policy.

There will also be an opportunity from Monday 8 November for children to buy a limited number of poppies, zip
pulls, wristbands and other merchandise from the Royal British Legion who suggest donations of:

  • Poppy – 20p
  • Fabric Zip Pull – 50p
  • Reflector – 50p
  • Silicon Wristband – £1.00
  • Snap Band – £1.50

The School Ambassadors will be selling these during the school day. As the donations will be going directly
into the Royal British Legion collection box, all donations must be in cash; therefore please send your
child to school with the correct change.

We do hope you will be able to support this worthy charity