Thank You

Dear parents/guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding and patience over the last two weeks as we all have had to deal with the enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented steps that the government have implemented to attempt to arrest the spread of the virus.

The decision to close all schools, except to a minority of pupils, is an essential part of the government’s fight against the spread of COVID-19. I have been overwhelmed by the huge demonstration of human-kind that I have witnessed from our Lincoln Gardens community during this challenging time. I say this often, but this is truly another example of why I am so proud and privileged to be Headteacher at Lincoln Gardens Primary School.

The next weeks and months are going to be challenging as we do not have any level of certainty of what the landscape looks like moving forward. I take comfort from the fact that I am working with a school community who will continue to unite and work together to see this horrendous situation arrested in the shortest time possible.

Please continue to follow the recommended guidance:

– Thorough and regular hand washing
– Social distancing
– Self / family isolation
– If you can safely care for your child at home- please do so.

For the majority, I appreciate that your child is not presently in school. However, please remember that your child is still a valued part of our school during this time. If you need any help or support, please do not hesitate in making contacting with us.

I look forward to being able to welcome all our children back to school. Until that time, stay strong and stay safe

Yours sincerely

Miss A Nuttall