Year 1

Hello and welcome back.

We hope you had a lovely break and are ready to return back to school with lots of determination. We’re really looking forward to seeing you back for what remains of the Sprint term. Please stay safe and always remember to keep washing your hands!

Mrs Drury and Miss Wilson.

PE Information

This year, your child’s PE lessons will be on a Wednesday and a Friday afternoon. Please ensure that both indoor and outdoor kits are available for both days and please refer to the uniform policy to ensure the correct kit is worn.

Extended Learning

Your child will be expected to complete weekly tasks throughout year 1.

These will be:

  • Reading at home (at least 4 or more times-this will be recorded in school)
  • Spellings (x6 spelling words and x3 year 1 common exception words)
  • Extended Learning Grid, please choose one activity per week. Homework completed can be brought in to school or a photograph can be shared via the class email.


Our Spring 2 topic is Kings and Queens. We will be looking into the lives of significant individuals such as King Henry VIII and Queen Victoria and we will be comparing how life as a King or Queen is different now in the modern day. We introduce this topic with our WOW event where your child will have the opportunity to dress as a King or Queen for our banquet and coronation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any of the year 1 team.

Yew 1 Miss Wilson and Ms Beedham
Email address –

Yew 2 Mrs Drury and Miss Alsop
Email address –